Short-term memory loss?

I just spent twenty minutes trying to remember how to log into the blog!  This is what happens when you become dependent on Firefox to remember your browsing history for you.

My brain is too young to be forgetting things so easily. In five seconds, literally, I had forgotten why I was on Facebook.  It doesn’t help that there are a million interesting facts in my mini feed to distract me, either.

Most of the time, my early-onset senility is covered by the fact that I have bunches of electronic devices to remember my things for me.  My Google calendar is synced with my iCal and my Plaxo calendar and my cell phone.  I have five To-Do lists in my planner, and I carry around a second copy of my entire phone book just in case.

Do not let this fool you- I do have a problem.  I can barely remember the conversation I had five minutes ago, let alone what I ate for breakfast this morning, and you can forget about anything that happened yesterday.  Or I can forget about it. Either way.

This does become a tad irritating when it comes to organizing things that have deadlines.  Things like papers. And projects.  And bills. Oh maybe that’s why there’s no gas…


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