I like to move it (NOT)

big-buttLately, I have been sitting on my phat butt more than usual.  Some people would attribute this to the inordinate amount of work expected of me this year, but I believe the cause to be a highly intrinsic aspect of my personality- I am just plain lazy.  No worries, this defect does not appear to be genetic.  I must have contracted it somewhere around my sophomore year of high school.

Yesterday however, I decided (for the fifteenth time) that it was time to rid myself of this extra jiggle and get back into shape.  Even I think it’s a little sad that I can’t climb the one set of stairs to my bedroom without breaking a sweat.  So I did just that- I climbed the stairs to my bedroom and did a jumping workout for fifteen minutes.  And then collapsed on the floor gasping.

The last time I worked out, I ran around the block for ten minutes, and I was staggering through the house holding my throbbing ears (it was cold out, I hadn’t worn a hat) for twenty minutes afterwards.

And the time before that, I ran around the track for twenty minutes, and hobbled home with excruciating shinsplints.

And the time before that, I popped a disc doing a backbend in ballet.

You get the picture.  You feel my pain.

The only thing I’ve been able to do with any sort of consistency is yoga.  And clubbing.  I guess if I combine the two of them I have my strength training and my cardio.  I’m still building up my endurance so I can go out four times a week.  You know, get my workouts in like I’m supposed to.


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