F-ing girls.

Why do so many women act like its a source of pride that they treat their men like pieces of shit?

“Hahaha I made my sick husband sleep in the basement because he was coughing! I’m awesome!”

“I made <enter generic pussy name here> ride the train with me for 2 hours even though he had to turn around and go home after I caught my flight because I just felt like making him do it! I’m the shiz-nit!”

“Yay! I made my man fix my air conditioner while his out of town friend was visiting even though its 60 degrees outside and there was nothing actually wrong with it!!!!!!”

Ohhhhhh… I respect you!

Bitches, your pussy-whipped boyfriend/husband/lover being pussy whipped… this does not mean you are loved more or better looking or a better catch. It means that he’s a pussy and that he’s desperate enough to think that you’re as good as he’ll ever do. Yeah, thats what it means. And baby, thats all it means.

Now, we’re all a little bitchy to our partners now and then… bad days happen, pregnancy happens, PMS happens, lots of things happen to make us fly off the handle every once in a blue moon. And most of us, feel bad or at least a little guilty about it. But these chicks, they act like its f-ing awesome that they stick a dildo into the ass of their boyfriend’s spirit everyday!

I suppose with the whole “Why Men Marry Bitches” phenomenon, this should come as no surprise. There was once a time in my short life where “bitch” was an insult. Now, it appears, it is an aspiration.

But as bitter as I sound, this is actually a blessing. Go ahead, take those desperate saps off the market and do with him whatever you like. I’m gonna go off with my real man, who actually has a pair of balls. I win.


1 Response to “F-ing girls.”

  1. 1 Chester Cheetah
    December 26, 2008 at 2:30 pm

    You may want to read through “The Manipulated Man” by Esther Vilar. (http://www.amazon.com/Manipulated-Man-3rd-Esther-Vilar/dp/1905177178/ref=ed_oe_p). It’s an interesting perspective of the inequalities between men and women and the effect of the feminist movement on modern gender roles and responsibilities.

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