He’s not that into you— or maybe he’s just an A-hole.

I know this book has been out there for quite sometime, but with the movie coming out and all I thought I’d add my 2 cents.

This book is stupid and it sucks. I don’t even know if I can name all the reasons why, but I’ll start with this obvious one: it makes it seem like its the women’s own shortcomings that are the problem. I feel like the overall theme of the book is “He doesn’t think you’re good enough, but some dude will eventually… go find that asshole!” Empowering, isn’t it!

Why the hell are you telling women to sit around wondering “duh is he that into me?” like some poor dipshit when she really ought to be thinking “Am I getting what I want out of this relationship? Am I happy? Is he treating me how I want to be treated?” If you’re picking up this book, then chances are you aren’t getting what you want… and THAT is the important thing, ladies.

There reasons men do the things they do are countless and varied. Some of them have absolutely nothing to do with the women they are dating. And some guys are just dicks.

I have one more comment to add to this silly drivel that is marketed to women who have low self esteem: Do you even remember how that episode of Sex & the City ended? Miranda’s date says he wants to go home instead of get coffee with her after dinner, to which she replies “It’s ok, you can admit it! You’re just not that into me!” And then it turns out he just had really bad diarrhea from the Indian food they just ate.

Anything that overgeneralizes is probably bullshit. Including “He’s just not that into you”.


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