So it’s about damn time I chimed in. You can say that I’m a terrible procrastinator. I often find myself procrastinating procrastination, lol. Let’s just say I thrive on the adrenaline rush of stress. That can be a bad thing. Probably subtracting years from my life. I don’t know if it’s better to live a short amazing life or a long and mundane one. I’d probably rather be the candle that burns bright, but fast.

Anywho…I’m a California girl at heart. I think the fact that I have lived in Utah, especially as a black person, for the past 8 years is like having a venereal disease (kinda something you don’t want anyone to know)…although, it’s not like I have first-hand experience of having one. Lol. I love music (got an eclectic taste). If you verge on the voyeur side and peaked through my window, you could probably see me prancing around in my underwear to the beat or snapping twenty million photos of myself with my busted old Nikon.

Hmmm, what else, what else to add? Umm…sometimes I think I have alcohol intolerance (sometimes, it seems like I can’t get drunk no matter how much I drink-guess that makes me a good DD or one that could become suddenly drunk at any moment while operating a motor vehicle, lol). Last semester at University of Notre Dame, I thought I had chronic fatigue syndrome. Found out that it was probably mononucleosis, although the results of that have been somewhat inconclusive. Two doctors say “yes” and two “doctors” say likely, but not likely. I promise I’m not a hypochondriac.

By the way, I have an obsession with black hair care products and long hair…well my long hair. I would be embarrassed for anyone to peek in my cosmetic closet at home. Yes, it is a whole closet packed with beauty products! I wish I had all the money I spent on all those half-full bottles of chemical crap. I could probably buy a round-trip to ticket to Japan. Don’t know if I would want to come back. They have such cool, weird, fetish stuff over there. And the fashion, don’t get me started! Hopefully, I’ll get into the JET program and will be blogging from Japan, writing konichiwa to you all.

In sum, I’m weird. I’m entertaining. Border-line annoying at times. A loyal friend. One day, I’m going to give the world something valuable.


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