By Chris

Good (insert appropriate time of day), Ladies and Gentlemen

My name is Victor and I am new to the Lazy Brains crew, or as I like to call them, the Blog Justice League. Seriously… the invitation was like one of those “Super hero team origin stories” where like, you have the leader who seeks out all these other heroes from around the world and offers them the opportunity to join forces… and like, fight crime and shit. And, you know there is always that loose cannon hero that they find who in actuality really isn’t a hero, they are more like a fucking vagrant with an alcohol and drug problem with super powers, but they take him/her in anyway because they give the crew some edge and street cred. Anyway, I’m not the edgy hero… I’m that superhero with that power thats not really a power, like fucking… running fast, being able to disappear, or being able to talk to marine animals… that saves the crew when they get in the most absurd of situations. I will drop in from time to time, spread some love, and rub on your intellectual booty, because you know you want your booty rubbed.  Anyway on a more personal note about myself, I love sports, women, fashion, cocktails with friends, and I have a fetish for paisley ties and those cinnamon roasted pecans they sell around Christmas time.


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