Well, here we are, introducing ourselves to you, dear reader.  Basically, we are a group of mild to severely intelligent people, coming together to present, argue, and just plain shout on a soapbox, our particular opinions about anything and everything.  Politics, Romance, Money, Fashion, Food…well, you get the idea.

The goal is to use our brains as little as possible while still providing you with titillating tidbits and scintillating scandals.  No easy feat, rest assured. We avoid blather and drivel, and seek instead to provide you with words of substance, usually with some scathing sarcasm tucked away in a corner, or a very politically incorrect remark just waiting to pop its ugly little head out.

We are here only to write about whatever pops into our heads.  Caustic or crazy, you choose to read it. (And we hope you do.)


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